The D Project Dance Company
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The D Project is a UK dance company based in Darlington delivering quality dance across Tees Valley and the North East. The company focusses on both Education & Community and Performances, providing a variety of packages for nurseries, schools, colleges, and community groups. The D Project also delivers dance events, workshops, and occasionally commercial work.

The D Project strategically works within regional and national dance organisations aims, innovatively moving dance forward in a collective way. Strong links and partnerships with organisations and companies such as Dance City, TIN Arts, Tees Valley Dance, Creative Darlington, Luxi, and ARC have been built throughout in order to enhance the offer of dance and meet the needs of local authorities, organisations, and the public.

The D Project, contributes to strategic educational and community work across the Tees Valley and North East. We provide new experiences, create culturally diverse work and inspire people through dance.