Calling dancers and Doctor Who Fans!

The BBC and Reality Gaming Group are launching their upcoming game; Doctor Who: Worlds Apart and they need young dancers to be featured on the BBC’s social media accounts. 

If you’re aged between 11-24, and are a talented dancer, then this opportunity is for you!

To get involved, we’re asking young dancers to create video content for the BBC’s Doctor Who TikTok account. This can be done by creating interesting dance videos to the Doctor Who theme tune.

Any Doctor Who fans can give impressions of: The Doctor, DALEKs, and even TARDIS (and other characters from the TV show). 

With this opportunity, you can be as creative as you like – anything is possible!

There are a lots of videos on TikTok already to get inspiration from, you can view these by searching: Doctor Who on TikTok. 

If you are up for a challenge, you can have endless options using cosplay in duet mode with clips from:

How it works?

  • Pick your theme tune on TikTok
  • Create your dance/video on TikTok and save it

All videos received will be posted on Doctor Who’s TikTok account throughout October with exceptional videos posted on other BBC social channels.